Rolled my own RTE for Flex 4 recently due to the lackluster out-of-the-box RTE provided by Flex 4 using Adobe’s Text Layout Framework. It has all the standard stuff that you might expect from a typical RTE:

  • Font type selection
  • Font size selection
  • Multilanguage support
  • Justification
  • Font colours

which is already more than what Flex 4 gives us. I suppose one could use the RTE from Flex 3, but when you’re developing in Flex 4, it’s gonna be messy when you start to mix lots of Spark and Halo components together.

Besides, the main reason I had to roll my own RTE was because I wanted strikethrough, text search (incluging regex search) and undo functionality, which aren’t in Flex 3’s RTE anyway. The RTE can be found under the Projects menu header or one can jump directly to the example.

For those who are interested, feel free to clone the github repoย and contribute.